Heading 1

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Cat saying present not smelling interesting.jpg

Ginger with present

cat have great daywhatever.jpg

Ginger enjoying a knap

Kitten Card.jpg cute Kitten

Cute kitten card

ginger skateboarding.jpg

Cat On Skateboard

boy trampoline.jpg

Boy On Trampoline

horse with flower.jpg

Horse With Flower

Text can be added

Boy Riding Dinosaur.jpg

Boy Riding Dinosaur

Dog and Cake.jpg
Teddy with baloons3.jpg
Girl On Flying Unicorn.jpg

Teddy, balloons, age adjustable

Girl and Giraffe.jpg

Girl Riding Flying Unicorn

Flying Unicorn.jpg card

Dog Looking at Cake

Girl and Giraffe

Flying Unicorn

horse with cake.jpg

Horse with eye on cake

flower birthday card
Poppy Card.jpg

Pretty Pink Flowera

Orange Poppies card

Orange Poppies.jpg

Red Poppy card

Orange Poppies

Purple Coast

Just bite it..jpg
Room for another? jpg

Bite The Rope

Room For Another?

Leaves card.jpg

Autumn Leaves

wildflowers card edited

Wildflowers 1

Cat on The Wall Quirky harbour.tiff

Cat On Harbour

Hens and football.jpg

They keep shouting Foul

wildflowers. 2.jpg

Wildflowers 2 card

Dog On The Harbour.tiff

Dog On Harbour

red dragon.illustration artjandavies.com painting

Red Dragon    

rearing horse. book illustrations  artjandavies.com

Rearing Horse

Dogs drink responsibly.jpg

dogs please drink responsibly

weight watching cat.

Cat on diet

Cute Rabbit card.jpg

Rabbit card

Birds and Flowers.jpgcard design

Birds and Flowers

quick,  Harbour Master's coming2.jpg

Quick, Harbour Masters Coming

cat on pizza.jpg

Cat on Pizza

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congrat baby girl.jpg

Congratulations baby girl

congrat baby boy.jpg

congratulations baby boy

pink roses.jpg

Pink Roses Text can be added

heavyPlant crossing.jpg
cat thinking of you.jpg

Frame or text can be added.

Ginger, thoughtful cat

thinking of you, sympathy


Mascarpone joke

Cat and Dog talking.

ordination congrats..jpg
snoring card.jpg

Ordination congratulations

snoring like a donkey, card

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Charlies new homand Friendse


Heading 1

Heading 1

Charlie The Cats New Home And Friends

Charlie The Cat.
illustratied story
by artist Janet Davies
Suitable for 0 to 9 year-olds,
and older
PRINT and e-books at https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07XYFFHCR

CCharlie The CatCharlie Cat mo

jafari and birds nest top selling, most popular illustrated book for children
chalie 9.jpg

Jafari The Giraffe stories, for children three in the series.


Well done Jafari. You are my top seller. My most popular book for children.

1. This is Charlie the cat.

He's just moved to a new home.

Read the full story, follow link https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XYFFHCR

Charlie and Friends To The Rescue Second edition


Jafari and The Birds Nest

The giraffes and monkeys hide from some tourists. When all is clear again, they mess about showing each other how they hid. "I held my head up, behind a tree trunk, like this." Jafari said, then he nocked a newly built bird's nest down. All is made well, when Jafari has a good idea.

Magic Battle..jpg

See my story and illustration on Short Kids Stories, an online magazine. Votes needed please https://www.shortkidstories.com/story/magic-battle/

products with Jafari and his friends are available on Zazzle.com on a wide range of products including posters, mugs, clothing, and more https://www.zazzle.com/jafari_the_giraffe_acrylic_print-256583510829822330?rf=238294944005162796

Examples of my illustrations

Heading 1

HSeading 1

Fang Gang.tiff
Planet Hopper.jpg

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Fang Gang

Planet Hopper

metamorphosis Tif.tiff


Leaf card

Snake Cave

Snake Cave

Vanish Bad Creatures_edited tif.tiff

Vanish Bad Creatures

Spaceman.tiff mysterious, rocks light,

Visitor from space.

Dragon man attacks a cruel monster

black cat pictures.png
boy zebra .jpg

Planet Invader

elephant girl and bird.png

Girl Elephant and bird

Children with pets.jpg

They missed a stripe.

Black Cat

They missed a stripe

patterns 2.jpg

pattern 2

flower pattern.jpg

Flower pattern

Images below are used in my published books

Charlie Cat painting

with bird one side, mouse on other. 8"x 8" deep edge canvas £18 inc. delivery

my book covers.jpg
man on boat with cat and mice illustrations illustrator janet davies
zazzle pics.png


Hundreds of designs on multiple products.

Luke V Lily cover.jpg
Bobby 3 dogs.childrens book illustrations
Archie painting.jpg
Emily painting.jpg
Gulliver 7.jpg