Heading 1

Charlies new homand Friendse


Heading 1

Heading 1

Charlie The Cats New Home And Friends

My illustrated books for children

Paintings of characters are available below.

products with Jafari and his friends are available on Zazzle.com on a wide range of products including posters, mugs, clothing, and more https://www.zazzle.com/jafari_the_giraffe_acrylic_print-256583510829822330?rf=238294944005162796

Charlie The Cat.
 story with illustrations
by artist Janet Davies
Suitable for 0 to 9 year-olds,
and older
PRINT and e books at https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07XYFFHCR

CCharlie The CatCharlie Cat mo

Jafari The Giraffe stories, for children three in the series.


1. This is Charlie the cat.

He has just moved to a new home.

Read the full story, follow the link https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XYFFHCR

Charlie Cat And Friends To The Rescue

Second edition. A Lamb can't find its Mother. The friends help and eventually there is a happy ending. view it at https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07Y8TNGZ9


Luke V Lily cover.jpg

Tap image above, to go to Amazon store

Well done Jafari. You are my top seller. My most popular book for children.

jafari and birds nest top selling, most popular illustrated book for children

Jafari and The Birds Nest

The giraffes and monkeys hide from some tourists. When all is clear again, they mess about showing each other howthey hid. "I held my head up, behind a tree trunk, like this." Jafari said, then he nocked a newly built birds'nest down. All is made well, when Jafari has a good idea.


And hundreds of designs on multiple products.

     The lastest story I am working on.

    Liam You Can Do This

A flying horse asks Liam to help rescue a foal from some nasty goblins. The horses can't read or understand numbers, and they don't have fingers, all needed to unlock doors in the goblin caves. The goblins are mean and nasty. Can the horses and Liam find Bella the foal and sneak her away from the goblins?

Down With Bully Dogs. A story about a dog who starts out as a bully, and ends up as friends with those he bullied.


Follow link above to see reviews of my books

Cat astrophic To Purr fect

A little kitten is cruelly flung out of its home. It struggles to find food and shelter. These are some of the illustrations of this book.

Archie ACEO. charlie cat story

Charlie The Cat painted on a rock

£5 including delivery. May fade over time if kept outdoors in full sun. I have had some for years, indoors, or out doors in shady area

smarty ad 1.jpg

Charlie Cat painting

with bird one side, mouse on other. 8"x 8" deep edge canvas £18 inc. delivery

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