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Charlies new homand Friendse


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Charlie The Cats New Home And Friends

My illustrated books for children

Paintings of characters are available below.

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Charlie The Cat.
 story with illustrations
by artist Janet Davies
Suitable for 0 to 9 year-olds,
and older
PRINT and e books at https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07XYFFHCR

CCharlie The CatCharlie Cat mo

Charlie and Friends To The Rescue Second edition


Jafari The Giraffe stories, for children three in the series.


Well done Jafari. You are my top seller. My most popular book for children.

1. This is Charlie the cat.

He has just moved to a new home.

Read the full story, follow the link https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XYFFHCR

Charlie Cat And Friends To The Rescue

Second edition. A Lamb can't find its Mother. The friends help and eventually there is a happy ending. view it at https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07Y8TNGZ9

jafari and birds nest top selling, most popular illustrated book for children

Jafari and The Birds Nest

The giraffes and monkeys hide from some tourists. When all is clear again, they mess about showing each other howthey hid. "I held my head up, behind a tree trunk, like this." Jafari said, then he nocked a newly built birds'nest down. All is made well, when Jafari has a good idea.

See my story on Short Kids Stories, an online magazine. Votes needed please https://www.shortkidstories.com/story/magic-battle/

Sandy Squirrel Looking For Fun

Sandy wanted to play, so he jumped into a garden,. He saw a scooter and jumped on and scooted about,but he couldn't steer it, he was too small, then the scooter headed for a pond.

He jumped off, just before it splashed into the water.Whoops.

HSeading 1

The door to the house was open, what was in there? Sandy crept in quietly, was there anyone at home? It was all silent.He went into a room and was surprised to see a tree. He didn't think trees grew in houses. There were pretty lights on it, and some round shiny things. Sandy climbed up and went to pat one of the round things, then the tree fell over, and lots of the pretty things bounced off and scattered about the room.

"Whats happening downstairs?" someone shouted.

Sandy ran and hid under the sofa.

"The Christmas tree has been knocked over. The cat must have done it."

The tree was stood up again, the decorations put back, then the person went back upstairs. Sandy scuttled out and he could smell something tasty, on a little table. He jumped up and there was a bowl of nuts. He had a feast, and because he had dug about, finding his favourite nuts, he had scattered them all around. Why were those flowers standing there, in some water?Actually, Sandy wanted a drink.He tried to drink from a flower vase, and then the vase fell to the ground and smashed, sending water splashing around. Time to hide again. Sandy went back under the sofa, someone came downstairs, and a cat walked in.

"Ginger, you naughty cat. What ever are you doing all this for?"

The cat looked angry, and sniffed about the room. Was he going to find Sandy?

Ginger jumped up on the table,and sniffed around at the nuts.He knew a squirrel had been there. Sandy sneeked out and ran upstairs, into an empty bedroom. He saw a toy squirrel ontop of a stack of boxes and jumped up to look at it, and,oh no,he knocked the whole pile of boxes over. Time to hide again, under the bed this time.

"Your toys fell over. It can't have been Ginger this time, he's downstairs."

Then Ginger the cat came upstairs. He sniffed Sandy out quickly, this time. Sandy found himself eye to eye with an angry cat. Well Ginger had been blamed for the mess Sandy had made. Sandy ran and headed back downstairs, going so fast, he tumbled and rolled all the way to the ground floor. Oh no, the door had been closed.He jumped up onto the window cill, trying to find a way out and crashed into a cat ornament sending it flying to the ground. No way out and Ginger was jumping up. Sandy lept down and ran, Ginger chasing him. This wasn't .much fun, Ginger was angry. Sandy leapt over a worktop,and just missed a big cake, with what looked like snow ontop. GInger followed him, and landed ontop of the cake, just as a person came down again.

"Ginger, what's the matter with you today. I'd just finished that cake and iced it. You naughtly cat. I'm going to have to make another,"

Ginger yowled, feeling very cross. Sandy was hiding, in a cupboard. The door was open, he hid behind some bags of flour.

"I'm going to start another cake. Ginger's gone wild. We'll have to shut him outside if he keeps doing things like this."

A bag of flour was pulled out, and some other things, then the person started mixing everything in a bowl.They went to get a tin from another cupboard, and Sandy dashed out of the cupboard. Ginger saw him, straight away.Up on the worktop again, Ginger following him. Ginger landed on the edge of the new cake mix, and tipped it over. It landed on Sandy.He was covered in it.The person shouted,

"Ginger! Oh it's not you.It's a squirrel. Sorry Ginger, blaming you for all this mess. Hold on cat, we'll let it out. Then I'll start on cake number three. Out squirrel."

Sandy ran out of the open door, thinking, 'that wasn't me. The cat did knock that bowl over.' and he went over to the fence, and into the woods.He was covered in cake mix, and some birds were happy to help remove it for him. They thought it was tasty. He decided that the woods were more fun. No cats, scooters, ponds, funny trees that fell over, piles of toys and wobbly flowers in water and ornaments getting in the way. Another squirrel asked him what he'd been doing, was it fun?

"There was a big bowl of nuts.I enjoyed them, but I wouldn't go back. An angry cat threw this sloppy stuff all over me."

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And hundreds of designs on multiple products.

Charlie Cat painting

with bird one side, mouse on other. 8"x 8" deep edge canvas £18 inc. delivery

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