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Art For Sale | Artjandavies com contemporary paintings, flowers| Silverton Exeter Devon

Prices include delivery in UK and some other countries Please contact me for quote on delivery to other countries.

Flower Delight colorful modern art for sale framed ready to hang

Flower Time 16" x 23.4" White frame,

including frame and delivery  £95

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Beautiful flowers.contemporary canvas art

Beautiful Flowers. on canvas 24" x 18" 1.5" painted edges. £90 including delivery

Autumn TimeSite.jpg

Autumn Leaves Semi-abstract, contemporary art.Canvas board

23"x16.05 £85

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Wildflower Mix. painting wildflowers poppys daisys buttercups art for sale

Wildflower Mix. On canvas board Not framed. 20" x 16" £65 inc delivery

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Scabious Framed colourful #contemporary #art

Scabious In Summertime 16.5 x 23.4" Mixture of flowers, contemporary, Checking my spelling of Scabious I've learned how it got it's name. Please buy this beautiful artwork before looking it up  £95 inc. white frame and post.

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Spring Flowers, Original painting, paper 20"x 16" overall size, with approx 1" border. £85 including post or arrange pickup your self for a £20 reduction.

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Feathered Friends #Painting#birds#art#canvas#contemporary#modern

Feathered Friends

deep,painted, edge canvas,

 24" x 18" 1.5" £95

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 Pink Floral Fantasy

   15.75" x 15.75" painted edges  Canvas £80 including delivery   

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Blossum Killerton.jpg

Blossum. Original painting for sale, 20" x 16" on canvas board£40.

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Wildflowers painting on canvasby Janet Davies

Wildflowers. Art for sale Poppies Daisies and buttercups. Canvas, painted edges.

 16" x 12" (40cm x 30cm) £75

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FlowersDelight modern #colourful #art #painting framed
Spring Tulips original art for sale painting

Flower Mix Bright coloured flowers 16" x 23.4" Red Yellow white blue. On board..£95 inc. post ,  White frame.

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Spring Tulips painting, original art  19.75" x 15 .75" on canvas with painted edges 0,5" £95 inc post

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Californian#Poppies and Coast scene #art

Californian Poppy Coast. 15.5" x 11.75"  0.5" deep canvas with painted edges. Blue sky, sea with distant coast and bright orange, modern style poppies. £55

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Flower painting modern colourful framed art

Tulip Time painting £95 Price includes white frame,

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Crazy Flowers

Crazy Flowers Original art in black frame ready to hang. 21" x 17" £120 including frame and post 

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Flower Delight

Beautiful colourful flowers. 16" x 23.4"42cm x 59cm Orange blue red white yellow. Painted on board£95 inc. post and white frame.

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